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Welcome to my website, please join me in creating a better tomorrow.  My goal in writing my two books as well as the many Christian articles is to give God glory and be a blessing to his readers.

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manhood_smallManufactured Manhood is an adaptation of Gerald Bower, the man. This book will challenge you to step up in a day when others are not-to be the man God wants you to be.”
MIKE HOOPER,executive pastor
Grace Community Church


something to chew on_smallGerald Bowers’ goal in writing his daily devotional book, Something to Chew On: A Taste of the Bible, and his many Christian articles is to give God glory and be a blessing to his readers.



How To Have Peace, Not Fear In Your Life

How To Have Peace, Not Fear In Your Life

First, a few hints on how to have fear in your life. Allow doubt to come into your life. When doubt comes in, you tell the Lord you do not trust that He can help you. When doubt is high and trust is low, that low life Devil introduces fear into your mind and you fear lies that are placed into your thoughts. Bitterness, a close relative of anger, now comes on the scene and [Read More]

<center>Domestic Violence</center>

Domestic Violence

In my previous article in this series, I stated that it’s self-destructive behavior to allow your feelings of abandonment to lead you to accept abuse from any man. Unless you’ve been under a rock or hiding in a cave, you’ve seen the video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching then-fiancée Janay Palmer and dragging her out of an elevator knocked out cold. Days later, Ray and Janay were married. Some women wondered why [Read More]

<center> Watch Your Mouth</center>

Watch Your Mouth

If we look closely, we can see whatever God said, it was done. Just in case you may have overlooked that verse, God said we are made in His image and are like Him. Another point, we have charge over all the earth. Therefore, if we are in His image and have dominion, then the words we speak will have that same power. So why do we spend so much time suffering with speaking words of [Read More]

<center> Do You Want a Piece of Peace?</center>

Do You Want a Piece of Peace?

It is the pressure and pain that penetrates people with emptiness.  It makes you the victim of a venomous vacuum deep in the spirit.  It is loneliness: the restlessness within that reduces life into hopelessness. It subtracts happiness, multiplies pain, adds frustration and divides the mind into a state of constant worry.             Loneliness can indicate internal indigestion of God’s word.  Like indigestion of food, there is pain associated with indigestion of God’s Word. It [Read More]

<center> Ladies: Give Your Abandonment to the Almighty </center>

Ladies: Give Your Abandonment to the Almighty

Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you (1Peter 5:7). Have people failed you when you needed them most? As a therapist, I have heard women share how their fathers were more interested in drugs, alcohol, or women than spending time with them. Others said mom was more focused on “All My Children” than her own children. Still others had discovered Mr. Right proved to be wrong because he showed no emotion [Read More]

<center>For the Ladies: There is No Worthlessness in You</center>

For the Ladies: There is No Worthlessness in You

God asked a question in Psalm 4:2 (NKJV) that seems appropriate for women today: “How long …will you turn my glory to shame? How long will you love unworthiness and seek falsehood?” Ladies, how long will you believe the lie that you are unworthy? You must believe the glory of the Lord covers you, rather than allowing the shame of your past to block it. The verse says, “and seek falsehood,” which means you are [Read More]

<center>Dependence on God:<br>Daniel is Delivered</center>

Dependence on God:
Daniel is Delivered

We live in a society where too many of us only understand delivery as a hot pizza at our front door, as we prepare to watch a movie on a Friday night. I remember my understanding of delivery was a morning paper route. Some of us remember delivery as the milkman dropping off chocolate milk at our doorstep (I am revealing my age with this last example). What does deliverance mean to you? THE PREFERRED [Read More]

<center>Masculinity, Maturation & Matrimony: <br>Three Facets Men of God Must Master</center>

Masculinity, Maturation & Matrimony:
Three Facets Men of God Must Master

(This article was published in the May/June edition of ‘The thick clouds of darkness have been lifted and a new day is dawning. The shroud has been removed and we are no longer overshadowed by the new century’s lack of masculine leadership. The year 2012 will no longer tolerate restless zombies who walk aimlessly in a state oblivion to their role as God’s men. Mastering Masculinity Masculinity is not defined by being obnoxious to [Read More]