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man in praise‘The thick clouds of darkness have been lifted and a new day is dawning. The shroud has been removed and we are no longer overshadowed by the new century’s lack of masculine leadership. The year 2012 will no longer tolerate restless zombies who walk aimlessly in a state oblivion to their role as God’s men.

Mastering Masculinity

Masculinity is not defined by being obnoxious to women, being oblivious to children, and blotting out God’s Word. The time has come to rebuke the male spirit that feeds off of these actions. ‘The Bible says, he (Satan) has to bind the strong man before he can overcome the home, and until now, Satan has successfully bound men using these ideas. It’s time we develop stronger men to stand in the gap to push the perilous evil one out of our homes. Truly masculine men manage and maintain their homes, are leaders to the Progeny; and live by the Word of God.

We men must also be aware that our prayers will not be answered if we mistreat our wives and neglect our children. Instead of the mistreatment and neglect being applauded as masculine, God’s Word calls us “worse than an infidel” -like someone completely outside of the family of God – when we fail to take care of our homes (see First Timothy 15:8). If the prayers we are trying to pray are like those of an infidel, it should be simple for us to understand the problems that can occur.

God’s Word being proclaimed through the Church sets the standard that men can observe. As men live by that standard, they will come to understand how to be a solution to the sins of society. When within themselves, men can honestly view the Church as an alternative to doing things their own way, their attitudes will then be open to change. Men will have mastered masculinity when he gives himself to care for his wife and children and holds the Word of God in a preeminent position in every decision of his life.

Mastering Maturation

The Church has the awesome responsibility of molding and developing men who will be magnifiers of God’s Word. The Church can also miss the mark and create men who can only bring shame to the church, hurt to their families, and sin against God. Therefore, it becomes very important for the Church to channel its efforts into winning men to Christ.
Once a man is a believer and he starts to work for the Lord, he will begin to get into the plan of the Father. However, the wall of a man’s willingness cannot be penetrated until an assessment of that mans attitude can be attained. A man can feel safe in approaching the church that shows itself trustworthy. Then that mature man can safely soften his approach and begin to submit himself to God. Only in this state can that man’s heart hear and follow the Word of God.

In their tremendously important role as mother, wife, or daughter, just think how our godly women will feel when we men get into the plan of the Father. Oh how beautiful it will be to have a godly father and a saintly husband in the home. This man is doing the work of the Lord by walking in the way of the Lord as he reads the word of the Lord daily. We will I have mastered maturation when we realize the home is made stronger by its leader submitting himself to the authority of Christ.

Mastering Matrimony

A man who follows God will come to see that God’s house will be a haven of help as it empowers marriages. God’s Word teaches a man that he must love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself or her (see Ephesians 5:25). Men can be taught by way of God’s Word to love his family and be responsible and protective of them. The Church can lead the way in presenting fathers as strong fortresses for their families.

The church can demonstrate to men God’s directives for the family God speaks through His Word. For example, to start his own family correctly; God’s Word tells men to “leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife” (Genesis 2:24). He must be independent of old family ties while he establishes a family of his own.

The pastor training his male congregants to master matrimony can lead by example and have an urgency to strengthen those men to challenge the crimes of the enemy. The Pastor can teach men to be responsible for their lives and their families. God’s Word will always show what God expects of His men as husbands and fathers. The Word of God explains that God gave man (Adam) a job first (go tend the garden), then He gave man responsibility (name the animals) before man could receive the reward of a wife (Eve). (See Genesis2:15:23).

Call it a dream, a hope, anticipation, wishful thinking, visions, or even revelation, but 2012 will be the year in which more men catch the vision and begin to obey God. Through the obedience of men, children will be changed, marriages healed, homes turned around, and lives saturated, situated, and secured in the sanctity of the Savior. God no longer has to be sad as He observes the gentlemen of His creation who have fallen away from masculine leadership. Instead, He can smile when He takes a glance from His eye of grace. Now God, can be glad that men around the globe are standing on His Word, doing His Will and like Gideon, winning against the enemy (Satan) in their homes as mighty men of valor.

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by Gerald Bower