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The journey of this book started between the ages of 12 and 16. I do not know if it was my character or the way I presented myself in church , but I do recall hearing one of two statements  from the old folks, “that boy got a call on him” or the classic in the Black church, “that boy is gonna be a preacher.” When I heard R&B songs I always seem to hear a message or a life story; however, my buddies heard the music. I was deemed strange or silly by my buddies; therefore, I backed away from hearing a message, “intuitive tuff,” I just wanted to fit in with the guys.

The Lord revealed to me the first calling on my life, I could paint. A friend and I, at the age of 14 or 15, painted pictures for our church and they were hung in the church’s foyer for months.
The Pastor further recognized us in front of the congregation and called us his artist friends. My painting was of Jesus going to the cross and my friend’s was Jesus on the cross.

My next step was to attend Virginia Union University (VUU). At that time 70-80 percent of the preachers on the east coast attended that university and again I heard, “that young man will be a preacher”.

At this time in my life, I ran from the calling of the Lord, just call me Jonah. I remember marching down Lombardy Street with Muhammad Ali. I was in protest of VUU’s policy to have chapel every Tuesday and Thursday for 1½ hours each day. My attitude was Sunday was enough church for me, besides I was not learning anything. When the university was shut down because of the protesting students, I saw firsthand, the consequences of my rebellious spirit. There was a man by the name of “Uncle Sam” with a place called Viet Nam for all of us college drop outs and for those running from the Lord. I became very academic and passed the hardest military entrance exam for the Coast Guard and did not go to Viet Nam. God used the Coast Guard to allow me to write hundreds of poems, songs, and most importantly to meet my future wife. My wife believed God had given me special gifts, led me to Jerusalem Baptist Church in Galveston, Texas, where I was ordained a deacon in December 1981.

That “preacher thing” was verbalized more since I was now a featured speaker and it was discovered that I had a way of explaining the Word of God. I was led to write articles for the local churches of the District Association for two years. As I grew in the Word of God and by His grace, I moved to the next level. For four years, I wrote monthly articles for the Gospel Monthly Magazine which had a circulation of over 450,000. The articles prompted numerous speaking engagements at various
churches in multiple counties.

The second calling was revealed as I was a regular attendee at the Discipling and Developing the African American Male Conferences sponsored by the late Dr. E. K. Bailey, Pastor of Concord Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Bailey stated, at one conference break, that there were many good books for us to purchase to improve our walk with the Lord but it would be a blessing to have some books written by Africa American men that would tell how God has blessed them. This would serve as a motivation to others that God had blessed us with the gift to write and glorify His Name.

Another foundation laid was from attending 6 years of the Promise Keepers (PK) Conferences, whereby I learned more about my role as a Godly man, husband, and father. I served in a strategic position with PK as the “Point Man” for my church which inspired additional speaking engagements to motivate African American men to attend future PK conferences.

When I worked at a men’s homeless shelter and was able to teach from the Bible, it was a blessing from God that I was able to lead multiple men to Christ.

The final call for this book came in June 1998 when my wife and I shopped at a Christian book store for a wedding gift.  She was in search of a daily devotional and was not able to find what she needed to meet the needs of people in need of the word of God.  She turned to me and said, “Why don’t you write a devotional that we as children of the King and others who may be lost can relate.” Thus, I started this project. The writing portion ended on August 4, 2002, and the typing portion ended February 22, 2003.

This book will prove that God can use ” … the foolish things, weak things, base things, despised things, and the things that are not yet … ” (I Corinth 1 :27-28) to be a blessing to others and bring glory to Him, which is my main goal for this book, to introduce someone to Christ and improve the relationships of those who know Christ and ALL GLORY goes to HIM because HE wrote the book. Simply because people think it is important, I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Certified Christian Counselor but most important, I am a child of the King.

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