Manufactured Manhood



Manufactured Manhood urges men to live by God’s design for the sake of preserving families, marriages, and our future. It gives women a portrait of godly manhood and how it impacts relationships and provides hope for the next generation to experience the loving presence and influence of men who find their strength and identity in the Lord.



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  4 Responses to “Manufactured Manhood”

  1. “Manufactured Manhood’s an adaptation of Gerald Bower, the man. This book will challenge you to step up in a day when others are not-to be the man God wants you to be.”
    executive pastor,
    Grace Community Church

  2. “Since I have observed some of the manhood qualities exemplified in his way of life, Manufactured Manhood would be a worthwhile read for all men to taste of and digest.”
    WANDA LARTIGUE, church leader
    Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

  3. “Brother Gerald Bower’s writings are always portable, profitable, and productive. As you are reading, you get a real sense that this man has been there, right in the ‘trenches’ with you battling together, getting a handle on manhood.”
    DUANE M. LAWRENCE, associate pastor
    Living Word Fellowship Church

  4. Gerald Bower not only encourages others with words but with his life that has modeled what he teaches.
    TONY LAMPKIN, marriage class instructor
    Mount Corinth Baptist Church